NetTap and TheGameCon Updates

Lots of great changes this year!  Thought I’d share with you guys. – After 35+ years of working for the man, making folks look good, etc.  I decided to form a business and start providing software solutions directly to companies.  I’ve teamed up with a great friend and colleague to form NetTap, Ltd. Co.  We have our first contract with a major corporation and are in talks with a couple others to use our Java Web Framework which we call Inception. Along with Inception, we have an AngularJS Scaffolding Tool which we call Angst.  These tools combine best of breed open source packages to form a rapid development environment that all big projects need as a starting point. – Zack has developed a great gaming convention that is focused on gaming, YouTube personalities and a family-friendly atmosphere.  This year, TGC has a Minecraft PVP contest, a Minecraft Creative contest, a PC arcade loaded with Steam games, a room dedicated to Consoles, a room dedicated to retro games, an exhibit hall, and free autographs.  The exhibit spaces are completely sold out this year.  We actually had to move the TGC booth into the front of the convention center.  Check out the schedule of events and the personalities here: Schedule  Guests  A food drive will be held during the event at the Galveston Convention Center with a really slick space-related prize to the randomly selected person that brings can goods for a chance to win.  And if you aren’t so much into gaming, check out the live food review by Daym Drops and Ken Domik or check out the live concert by Varien at the closing of the convention.  It will be an awesome event this weekend (Aug 8-9).  Zack has also built a web-based platform which he calls Attendle.  He will start reselling this product in the next few months.  Attendle is the platform driving TheGameCon this year.  Scheduling, screen displays around the convention, social media integration, ticket processing, etc.

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